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Jignasa Parikh


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Everybody needs someone who can listen to them at all stages of their life. A professional who lends her ear without reaching out to a judgment, Someone who has a logical approach to your problems is what we can term as a mental health sustainer.


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About Jignasa Parikh

Jignasa Parikh is one such renowned consulting psychotherapist, special educator, and learning facilitator for differently-abled children. She has been observing as well as executing her knowledge and skills for more than a decade. She strongly believes that apart from humanity, empathy is one of the core fundamentals of a healthy society. A woman who is fond of engaging herself into intervening in an individual's life goals as well as mental health. Her dedication and creativity towards the subject are what makes her different from the rest.

She provides psychotherapy for psychological disorders to children, adolescents, and parents at INSIGHT Psychotherapy & Counselling Centre. Many learning disabled students have gained benefit from her resourceful remedial assistance. She has vast experience of working with children (age group 2.5 to 18) as she is working as a consultant psychotherapist and Special Educator at The Rajkumar College, Rajkot, Gujarat.


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