About Us

About Us

let’s regret less and be grateful for good things in life.

About Insight

Psychotherapy & Counselling Center

Everybody needs someone who can listen to them at all stages of their life. A professional who lends her ear without reaching out to a judgment, Someone who has a logical approach to your problems is what we can term as a mental health sustainer. We at Insight Psychotherapy & Counselling Center, we foster you with techniques that will lead you towards a happy life.

The simple yet demanding idea about insight is to follow a chain of positive patterns, which enables stability and fulfillment in an individual’s life. Providing a mental health solution is our primary commitment but here we also wish to propel people to chase onto a path where they settle down with satisfactory mental health, same as their physical health.

You are here because you know you are avoiding your problems.

The need of space from that job, relationship, thought, and a lot more. So get ready for the change to happen ?

We are here to help you, support you, and most importantly to push you in being

A Good Husband

A Good Wife

A Good Father

A Good Mother

But More than Anything

It’s time to BE YOU.

Why Choose Us ?

The contemporary times bring in a lot of stress and mental pressures that can create havoc in our personal and professional lives. Here at insights, we follow an approach that identifies your problems' root cause and gives you the most effective, tailor-made approaches for your difficulties.

  • Leading Specialist

    She hails her branches into psychology for more than a decade. She has extensive experience in a variety of therapies and counselling. Her scientific approach for counselling and insightful understanding of human psychology leads her clients to gain maximum benefits and contented life.

  • Versatile & Dynamic Therapies

    At insight we provide numerous therapies, we tend to identify the pattern and problems and then use the therapy method accordingly. The vast knowledge and pool of therapy methods help us in identifying the right approach towards the situations.

  • Effective Counselling

    We believe in providing one on one approaches throughout the counselling journey. With different types of therapeutic methods, we make our clients comfortable to majorly understand their perspective about the problem.