Child Counselling

Due to Covid times, there are a lot of changes that are inherited by the education system. Within these horrifying times, we have bound our children into limited spaces and are rarely experiencing the necessary exposure. Isolation and lack of interpersonal connections have affected a lot of lives across the globe.

Our major aspect of concern is the child’s emotional difficulties and behavioral imbalances. We help your child in coping up with a variety of mental health issues by focusing on the root cause and implementing the precise methodologies.

The contemporary scenarios include a lot of challenges faced by children such as broken families, unethical behaviors, family pressures, peer pressure, and a lot more. The word therapy is subtly making its space in society but when it comes down to children, parents themselves try to become doctors which usually makes it a worst-case scenario. Treating a child’s mental health problems as soon as possible can help children reduce problems at home, in school, and in forming friendships. It can also help with healthy development into adulthood.

The signs when you need to seek help for your child:

When you notice problems in multiple areas of his/her life such as family relationships, academic performance, leisure activities and friendships.

When the child Feels terrible about himself/herself or worries excessively or has anxiety.

When the child expresses hopelessness in their behaviour. Withdraws from the company of family, friends or activities which he or she used to enjoy.

Has a significant change in sleep habits or appetite. Negative Behaviour Self-Destructive behaviour.

Tries to indulge in self-harm. Makes comments like “I wish I weren’t here,” or “Nobody would care if I ran away.” Talks about suicide. Poor school performance.

Types of therapies that work well for a child’s mental health

Parent training in behavior management is suitable for

  • ADHD
  • Disruptive behavior disorders

Child behavior therapy is suitable for

  • ADHD
  • Disruptive behavior disorders

Cognitive-behavior therapy works well for

  • Disruptive behavior disorder
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD

Parent Counselling

Be it millennials or contemporary, children are always highly energetic and inquisitive. The times where life is full of competition and hassle, as a parent we always want our children to be the best achievers. In rare cases, we realize that we are moreover transferring our unfulfilled desires and holding them back while making them our own reflections.

“The Decision we take and the choices we make shape our lives.”

We all know and believe this idea about life but do we really let our children outgrow themselves with the same perspective? Maybe not but indeed we should incept this understanding and connect them within the surroundings where they are capable of making their own decisions as well sharing it with ease.

Nobody can teach parenting skills as Parenting is an art that emerges with the birth of a child and grows deeper with the child. We are here to give you concrete guidance about life skills, to give you a different perspective towards the situation. If you are struggling as a parent, we provide original and innovative ways which can help you maintain a smooth two-way relationship with your child.

Issues that should be taken care of :

  • Sudden mood swings and tantrums
  • Lack of interpersonal relations
  • Behavioral issues
  • Nutritional issues in children
  • Emotional discards with surroundings
  • Obsessive behaviors

Visiting a counselor is a decision one takes for them and their child’s better present which will then leads to a better and healthy future.

Family Counselling

Families are the core reasons that build in your identities. Increasing squabbles, lack of display of emotions, and constant family reductions are the main reasons that affect our mental health. Constant friction between the members can take away your confidence. Within the long term remains of these relationships you start losing your self-worth.

Family therapy is the treatment designed to resolve the tangled approaches as well as the specific dynamic functions of your family. largely the struggles of family issues start when you have a communication gap, certainly, that is what counselors do, They listen!

A man travels the world to search for what he needs and returns home to find it. said George A Moore

Counselling Needs

  • When communication is a task
  • When dealing with separations
  • When it is affecting your mental and physical health
  • Coping with death issues

Counselling Outcomes

  • A scientific observation to your crisis.
  • Changing the pattern and developing trust between the members.
  • Developing supportive and empathetic relationships
  • Improving marital bond
  • Improving self esteem

If you are suffering in a fragile family relationship and facing daily conflicts and distress, you probably need professional help.


Couple Counselling

The balance between “Me” & “We”

The closet and long term relationship is a relationship with your companion. Be it newlyweds or people who have spent their lives together, the secret to a healthy relationship is the act of balance. It is always said that the most harmonious relations bring in the best lives. It is truly believed that couples who are open to each other and have a sacred bond will always have a happy relationship with their children.

Couple counselling can play an important role in mending your relationships and as well as identifying the right partner for your life through premarital counselling. It is always seen that a lot of couples put an extra effort into their relationship but unfortunately, not all of them succeed and that’s when you need additional help or observation. As a therapist, we stick down to a rational side of the situation which helps us in identifying the problems and process it through different types of counselling.

What affects the balance in your relationships

Every individual embraces different ways of living which is inculcated through their upbringings and is a major reason for their character building as well as life approaches.

  • Lack of communication
  • Over dependency in your relationship. This can create a void of personal space in your partner’s life.
  • Infidelity, the major source of problems.
  • Parenting brings in a lot of arguments.
  • Severe anxiety
  • Feeling of stress

How can counselling be helpful

  • Open communications
  • Problem solving
  • A rational approach to the problem
  • Pattern identifications and replacing the toxic habits
  • Rebuilding the trusts

If you seek solace out of your relationship, you definitely need help. We are here to listen to your problems with effective conversations.

Adolescent Counselling

Every child goes through a phase that includes different changes in physical, mental, and social areas of life. This change results in major behavior disturbance which can create chaos in their as well as other’s life. Since the brain is still developing, the body goes under hormonal changes and it is difficult for a child to accept sudden variations happening inside them. Usually, emotions play a vital role in these situations, it is necessary to channelize their emotional outlet in a professional way.

Each age brings its own effects and mental changes but this age brings in a lot more challenges in their life which should be solved with proper guidance. These affect all the aspects of their life such as schooling, peer relationships, educational decisions, and a lot more. It is necessary to identify the right age and stage for these counselling sessions.

Adolescent Pattern

Early Adolescence

  • 11-14 years, where they enter the stage of puberty and their body as well as behaviour starts changing.
  • This is seen in both the genders but is dominated in girls.

Middle Adolescence

  • The age period is 14-17 years
  • Starts seeking independent solace
  • They start to inclined towards cognitive approach and knowledge
  • Risk taking behaviour increases

Late Adolescence

  • The transition starts form 17 to 20 years of age
  • Maturity is at its early stages
  • They start having more clarity in thoughts

In every stage, they will seek guidance and help. There are different types of therapies that can help them to overcome the challenges.

Types of changes observed during these stages

  • Hormonal Problems
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Rebellious actions
  • Family disconnections
  • Educational challenges
  • Eating disorders
  • Long-term Health issues
  • Psychological problems

Therapies that can be helpful to deal with these issues

  • Cognitive behaviour therapy
  • Expressive Art Therapy
  • Career counselling
  • Group Therapy
  • Interpersonal Therapy